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Spirits of Rage

At a certain stage of the game the player gets a powerful magic weapon, a Rage Casket. It encloses four Spirits of Rage, incredibly powerful creatures, summoned by ancient sorcerers from other worlds to render obedience to the owner of the casket.

But, alas, the secret of controlling these creatures has been lost and now their new owner has to win the Spirits' favor with words and actions. Each Spirit has its own interests and desires. If you fulfill them you will be able to make them your ally and make use of their power.

Zerock, Stone Spirit

A huge creature from the world of the Black Star. Its flesh is made of a splinter from a dark celestial body and personifies physical might and endurance. Its attacks inflict massive physical damage, breaching any defenses and crushing even the most brutal enemies.

Attack spells available:
Smashing Sword, Stone Wall, Rockfall, Underground Blades.

Sleem, Swamp Spirit

This scaly monster has been summoned by the sorcerers of the Guild of Dark from Arey, the world of poisonous swamps, where incredible and terrible creatures live. The Swamp Spirit of Rage feels uncomfortable in this world, which could explain why he’s constantly irritated and angry. His power is that of the poisonous swamps and their inhabitants.

Attack spells available:
Poisonous Spit, Evil Shoal, Cloud of Poison, Glot's Armour.

Lina, Ice Spirit
Battle sorcerer from a techno-magical world who has lost her body in a brutal battle. Lina's greatest desire is to return her original form. She is ready to serve, so long as you help to recharge her magical devices, depleted during centuries of imprisonment.

Attacks available:
Chargers, Ice Orb, Ice Thorns, Gizmo.

Reaper, Death Spirit
Reaper, Sinister and powerful keeper of the Temple of Time, is searching for the lost Symbol of the Keeper. Help him and the Death Spirit will serve you. The power over time and space is given to all Keepers of the Temple, making Reaper a very helpful ally.

Attacks available:
Soul Draining, Rage Taking, Time Back, Black Hole.