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Races and Monsters
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The beginning of the Humans as a race was fraught with wars with every other nation. So terrible were the wars and bloodshed that Humanity stood on the brink of extinction on many occasions. As the ages passed, their culture grew from war to art and from combat to trade and diplomacy. This evolution not only saved mankind from extinction but helped them to consolidate their positions in Endoria by establishing a unified state.

Past enemies have since become good neighbors and trade partners, but constant domestic conflicts have forced Endorian kings maintain a sizeable and well-trained army. Thanks to their battle training and experience, human mercenaries are widely renowned. In combat humans frequently use creatures they’ve tamed, such as griffins and horses. Few can resist the pressure of Endoria’s heavily equipped cavalry.

Humans have only recently begun to master Magic. Even so, they’ve managed to turn such an ancient art into a science by developing a theoretical foundation for secret knowledge through active study and application of magical laws. Human mages treat bans and warnings with true disdain. Due to this philosophy, much of the forgotten or forbidden knowledge related to magic has been rediscovered. Consequently, Human mages make the best necromancers and demonologists.

Despite loose rules regarding magic, Humans combat the Undead and Demons very well. Well-trained temple warrior-priests have no rivals in the art of eliminating Dark creatures. Temples train powerful mages that rely on the Divine, rather than on the power of spells. Only humans have managed to make the Gods their servants in this manner.



Proud and arrogant, the Elves rarely leave the Great Forest where they live. The Progenitors, as they call themselves, despise all lower races. Immune to diseases and living for thousands of years, they don't tolerate mistakes and prefer passive contemplation to dynamic actions.

However, their thousand-year experience and natural magical ability  make Elves dangerous enemies. Living in an alliance with the forces of nature, Elves enjoy support from the Great Forest and its creatures. Dangerous predators and mystic creatures comprise these allies and are often found side-by-side with these sharp eared ancients.

Elven Magic is a thing of nature, both defensive and creative. Refined Elven spells, perfected through centuries of use, are incredibly powerful when cast by Elven mages. In a battle they serve well in both offense and defense.
The strike forces of the Elven army are composed of archers unrivaled in their ability. Contrary to widely held opinion, Elves avoid hunting unless their prey is an invader within their lands.  Essentially, with few exceptions, Elves do not kill animals, as their respect for nature prevents them from doing so.  In addition to Archery, other time honored Elven traditions include Dancing and Poetry.

Elves respect the Gods but are free from any sense of servitude. The Gods never interfere in the business of Elves and the Elves are more than willing to return the favor.  Despite this attitude, temples devoted to the long-gone Atar-Illinur, the Creator-god, are regularly filled with gifts and tithes.



The reclusive Dwarfs and giants live in the Mountains of Kordar. They hate Demons, and are terrified of the Undead. Mechanical devices developed by dwarfs are extremely useful during in battle. Dwarfs are very slow, but they compensate low speed and initiative with great health and combat strength.
Dwarfen Forces: Miners, Dwarfs, Cannoner, Alchemists and Giants.



Fierce nomadic warriors that hate the undead. In battle, Orcs rely on brute force, high vitality, and numbers. With the help of the strange magics of their shamans, Orcs attack with unrelenting fury.
Forces of orcs: Goblins, Furious Goblins, Orcs, Veteran Orcs, Catapults, Ogres, Shamans.



The Undead are indifferent to every other race. They have immunity to poisons and vulnerability to holy attacks.  Their skills increase dramatically when fighting at night or in Grave Yards.  The most dangerous ability held by the Undead is their ability to recruit from the ranks of fallen enemies.
Undead Forces: Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, Dead Spiders, Zombies, Decaying Zombies, Ghosts, Cursed Ghosts, Vampires, Ancient Vampires, Black Knights, Necromancers, Bone Dragons.



Demons are creatures from another world. They are strong mages and dangerous warriors that possess the capacity for great destruction. Born in a world of flames, they have immunity to all fire attacks, but they carry a vulnerability towards cold – reducing their ability to fight in wintry conditions. Demonic Magic has only one aim:  to bring disarray to the enemy and destroy them utterly.
Demonic Forces: Imps, Scoffer Imps, Cerberuses, Demonesses, Demons, Archidemons.



Neutral creatures are those who lack enemies and allies from the other races. They value their freedom and independence and are more than ready to fight for it.  Many of these Neutrals have been known to join an army, provided their price was met.
Neutral Forces: Pirates, Sea Dogs, Barbarians, Berserks, Devilfish, Thorn-Hunters, Thorn-Warriors, Royal Thorns, Fire Dragonflies, Lake Dragonflies, Venomous Spiders, Cave Spiders, Fire Spiders, Swamp Snakes, Red Snakes, Royal Snakes, Wolves, Hyenas, Bears, Polar Bears, Ancient Bears, Griffins, Evil Beholders, Beholders, Cyclops, Emerald Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Black Dragons.