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When starting a new game, players can select from one of three character types - Warrior, Mage and Paladin. Players can either start playing with one of these pre-made characters or customize their own hero.

Selected character types have much influence on your hero's progress from the playing style to responses from characters they meet in the game.


Unlike most traditional RPGs, in King's Bounty: the Legend a warrior is not just a well-trained, muscle-bound berserker that cleaves enemies to shreds with his two-handed sword. First, a warrior is an experienced leader. His strength is shown in his ability to lead an organized army and to command his troops efficiently.

In the beginning of the game the warrior receives two Might skills and improves combat characteristics. When leveling-up, he develops Might Skills and Leadership faster than the other two character types. This enables him to build a larger army at earlier stages of the game. Only a warrior can master such skills as "Iron Fist" and "Anger."

To command his troops with greater efficiency a warrior can carry additional regalia and put weapons into the shield slot. While his magic abilities are limited, a warrior is most in tune with understanding and using the storm of emotions that rule the battlefield. As a result, a Warrior can control the Spirits of Rage quite easily, making these powerful creatures loyal allies on the battlefield and providing invaluable assistance.


A holy fighter and champion against Evil, Paladins are a class that falls between the warrior and mage. They predisposed towards both combat and magic skills, while their specialties include killing undead creatures and the use of divine magic.

Paladins develop their battle and magic skills evenly. They are the fastest and the most efficient in learning Mind skills. In this branch of skills, holy warriors receive two additional skills, i.e. "Holy anger" and "Rune stone." Improving Mind skills gives paladins an edge over other character types when fighting undead creatures and demons.

Temples provide various types of support to their warriors and supply paladins with artifacts gained by temple warriors in battles against the forces of the Evil. Paladins can use shield or regalia slots to carry additional artifacts.


Mages prefer wisdom and knowledge to brute force. They cannot command large armies and ignore tactical maneuvers that would improve military efficiency of their troops. Yet by strengthening friendly soldiers and weakening enemies, bringing to bear the destructive power of the elements, and raising dead warlocks to aid them, they can crush huge armies - with even a small force.

Only mages are capable of mastering their art, developing Magic skills and receiving additional access to the skills "Higher Magic" and "Alchemy." Upon leveling-up they receive Intellect and Mana bonuses; it also costs them less than other classes to learn and use spells.

As a mage specializes in magic items, he can carry additional artifacts and necklaces in his weapon and shield slots.